The Crown Princess

HRH Crown Princess Greta of Ladonia

Monogram of Crown Princess Greta of LadoniaHRH The Crown Princess Greta of Ladonia (Greta Elizabeth; 1995) is the eldest child and only daughter of Queen Carolyn and her first husband. Per the Ladonian Constitution, she is the heir to the throne of Ladonia.

Crown Princess Greta currently resides in Montréal with her cat, Leon. When she is not “princessing”, she enjoys coding, knitting, gardening, and making fermented foods.

In 2015, she made her first official “working” appearances as the Crown Princess representing Ladonia. She attended the PoliNation, the 3rd International Conference on Micronations, in the Free Republic of Alcatraz (near Perugia, Italy) where she spent time getting to know the leaders of other micronations, and met a number of academics who study micronations. The Crown Princess was also active in the discussion and decision making process to determine the key points of the Alcatraz Environmental Accords of 2015, of which Ladonia was the first signer. After the summit in Italy, she then traveled to Sweden where she presented awards to the winners of the Ladonia Memorial Ultra-marathon in Mölle.

In September of 2016, The Crown Princess attended Le 1er sommet de la MicroFrancophonie (the 1st Summit of Francophone Micronations) in Aigues-Mortes (France) as an official observer.

Most recently, Crown Princess Greta attended the 2019 MicroCon hosted by the Kingdom of Slabovia.

Education and Work

The Crown Princess graduated from high school in 2013, and went on to earn two bachelor’s degrees in 2017 from Miami University, double majoring in International Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures. A year of her time at Miami was spent in China at Peking University to improve her proficiency in Mandarin.

After university, she relocated to Montréal, taught herself to code, and now works in the tech industry. Her cat, Leon, makes a great work from home companion.


Crown Princess Greta of Ladonia

Crown Princess Greta of Ladonia

The Crown Princess

Awards and Honours

Country Date Appointment Post-nominal letters
Ladonian Flag Royal Republic of Ladonia 23 May 2013 Dame of the Royal Order of the Hesperides KH
 Principality of Aigues-Mortes 22 September 2016 Dame of the Order of the Flamingo DOF