Historical Timeline of Ladonia


  • July 31 Lars Vilks starts building a sculpture at the nature reserve Kullaberg, in the northwest corner of county Skåne. A few days later the sculpture is named “Nimis”.


  • Nimis is “discovered” and the authorities become aware of it. This begins a series of unforeseen developments and is the start of a number of civil and criminal complaints that drag on through the courts until 2004.


  • The District Court convicts Vilks for Nimis


  • Joseph Beuys buys Nimis from Vilks; the price is 1500 US dollars. The Court of Appeal in the case of Nimis overturns the District Court’s conviction of Vilks.


  • Sabotage! Vandals torched Nimis and the flames destroy 2/3 of the piece.


  • Vilks is conviction for “obstructing the passable” is upheld by the Court of Appeals. He is to pay a fine of 25 SEK for each count. He was charged with 40 counts of obstructing the passable. Jeanne – Claude & Christo buys Nimis after the death of Joseph Beuys.


  • Vilks starts the work on the “stone book” Arx in reinforced concrete. He is soon reported to the police. Arx is completed in 1998.


  • The police are inspecting the crime (Arx) reported in 1991.


  • Vilks is convicted for building Arx and is fined 10,000 SEK by the District Court in Helsingborg.


  • The Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court settle the ruling of District Court over Arx.


  • Chancellor of Justice convicts the County Administrative Board in Skåne for bad handling and passiveness concerning Nimis and Arx.
  • June 2nd Ladonia is declared as an independent nation. This was done because the courts held that the Swedish authorities did not have control over the territory and could not prosecute nor enforce their own court rulings.
  • Ladonia begins accepting citizenship applications and forms a parliament.
  • Vilks is named the Chancellor


  • Once 1,000 citizens had joined Ladonia, the first election was held.
  • The election was to decide on a system of government, ratify a constitution, elect a president, and elect a Queen (since there was not one already).
  • Through general elections, it was decided that Ladonia a remoni (republican monarchy) with a Queen and a President.
  • Ywonne I Jarl was elected Queen, and the Fernando Rodrigues (Brazil) was elected the first President of Ladonia.
  • Ladonia acquires a colony in Norway (Telemark) acclaimed in May 17 (National Day in Norway).
  • An embassy is built in Falkenberg. Here the first official state visit also takes place.


  • County Administrative Board in Skåne reopens the case against Nimis and Arx and demands that they are removed.
  • The tourist association in the nearby town, Höganäs, protests against the County Administrative Board since the area now has become a great tourist attraction.
  • The County Administrative Board demands help from the Enforcement Service.
  • Senior enforcement officer Möllerberg establishes that the decision of demolition should be possible to be executed immediately.
  • The District Court denies the demand of demolition.
  • The Danish Minister of Culture Elsebeth Gerner-Nielsen pays an official visit in Ladonia.


  • Omfalos is created. A stone piece made out of reinforced concrete and stones, 1,6 m high.
  • “The Gyllenstiernska Krapperup Foundation” reports Vilks to the police over the matter of Omfalos.
  • Vilks answer to the allegations is that he’s not the artist and that he merely has named the piece.
  • The Enforcement Service recommends demolition in April 1999. Vilks appeal against this in District Court.
  • In August Vilks is called to police interrogation. The police report is relinquished since no crime can be proved.
  • August 27 the District Court pay visit to Ladonia. Lawyer Magnus Holme indignantly burst out at Vilks: “You’ll end up in the slammer.”
  • The Foundation demands 100 000 in damages, legal expenses and that all the art-pieces to be removed, Vilks is acquitted on all accounts with the exception of Omfalos. Judge Svensäter in District Court assigns Vilks as the maker of Omfalos. The Foundation appeal against the decision of the District Court to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court gives leave to appeal.


  • Court of Appeal pays visit to Ladonia in August. The ruling of the Court of Appeal is in September and follows District Courts line: Vilks is not the owner to Nimis and Arx and therefore the decision of demolition made by Enforcement Service can’t be directed against Vilks. The ruling of removal Omfalos stood fast.
  • County Administrative Board in Skåne makes an official comment to make an exception of the Ladonian area from the nature reserve. Hereby the sculptures wouldn’t be illegal any longer, an indirect acknowledgement that Swedish law does not apply to Ladonian territory.
  • The Gyllenstiernska Krapperup Foundation appeals in October to the Supreme Court.


  • The Supreme Court gives no leave to appeal. The ruling of the Court of Appeal stands hereby fast. The Foundation demands removal through the aid of The Enforcement Service concerning Omfalos.
  • In April, the Swedish Artist Ernst Billgren buys Omfalos, the price is 10 000 SEK. The Enforcement Service supports the removal of Omfalos.
  • Billgren and Vilks appeal the decision in District Court in Malmö. District Court informs of occasional inhibition of the order. The owner Billgren requests that: “Omfalos cannot be harmed”.
  • Vilks agrees with the owner Billgren to find an “artistically interesting solution” of the removal of Omfalos. Vilks applies with the County Administrative Board in Skåne to blow up Omfalos by 100 kilos of dynamite as a tribute to Alfred Nobel in connection with the 100-years anniversary of the Nobel price.
  • In December 7 the County Administrative Board in Skåne makes a secret decision, which only the Enforcement Service receives. The authorities went into action on the Sunday morning of December 9 2001 and removes Omfalos with the aid of a boat with a hydraulic crane.


  • In January Vilks requests at the County Administrative Board to erect a memorial monument over Omfalos. The answer comes February 27. Vilks is permitted to erect an 8 cm (about 3 inch) monument.
  • February 22, Omfalos is collected from the Enforcement Service and placed in Mölle.
  • September 26 the District Court informs that the Enforcement Service demand of 92 500 SEK for the removal is justified, in addition to this legal expenses of 11 000 is due. The matter is appealed.
  • Approximately 4000 Pakistan citizens apply for citizenship in Ladonien in hope for a better life. The news gets global distribution and Ladonian inhabitants increases rapidly from 5 000 to 10 000 (however, no Pakistan citizens were accepted).


  • In January the Court of appeal informs that they give no leave to appeal to the ruling of District Court of a total 103 500 SEK. The matter is appealed to Supreme Court.
  • March 27 Omfalos is transported to Stockholm.
  • July 5 Ladonia declares war on Sweden and USA.
  • July 7 Ladonia also declares war on San Marino. The owner Ernst Billgren donates Omfalos to Moderna Museet.


  • The Supreme Court stipulates the ruling of District Court over the 103 500:-. Vilks sue the State for 300 000 SEK over damages that Omfalos contracted in the removal.


  • Queen Ywonne I has disappeared, and her disappearance sparked a Constitutional crisis in Ladonia. After an exhaustive search and much debate, the Cabinet of Ministers exercised their Constitutional right to remove the reigning Queen and her line of succession from the throne. Once the throne was officially declared vacant, candidates for Queen were nominated from the Cabinet of Ministers and an election was held.
  • 2 June – Ladonia National Day The Minister of Customisations was elected and proclaimed Carolyn I, Queen of Ladonia
  • 19 September The coronation of Queen Carolyn I was held on 19 September 2011 at Nimis. It was attended by members of the new Royal Family, the State Secretary, the Minister of Art and Jump, and members of the Swedish media.


  • December Hurricane Sven devasted Ladonia, destroying Wotan’s Tower completely, knocking over the Tower of the Winds, and demolishing the Queen’s Throne. Reconstruction of the Tower of the Winds began as soon as weather permitted in 2015.



  • 25 November Arsonists set fire to several structures in Ladonia. Nimis was 25% damaged, but the Tower of the Winds was completely destroyed. No one claimed responsibility and Swedish authorities believe it was arson and plan to treat it as such should the culprit be found.