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3 April 2023 — The RSnake Podcast

Leaders of 3 Unrecognized Nations Share Why They Formed Their Self-Proclaimed States
Leaders from three unrecognized nations — Sealand, Ladonia, and Asgardia — welcome us into their internationally unrecognized borders and share their perspective on what it means to be a sovereign state.
7 July 2022 — LX News

The country that became a ‘micronation capital’
18 April 2022 — BBC Future

Drottningen av Ladonien: “Vår plikt att röra oss framåt” // The Queen of Ladonia: “Our Duty to Move Forward”
11 October, 2021 — Dagens Nyheter

Micronaciones hechas en casa: ¿cómo empezar tu propio país? // Homemade micronations: how to start your own country?
5 January 2021 — Algoritmo Mag

This Country With Over 18,000 Citizens Is Literally Just A Pile Of Sticks
8 September 2017 — The Daily Meal

16 December, 2016 — Somewhere Else Blog, Pernille Rask

Notorious Lars Vilks’ artwork burned down in Sweden
25 November 2016 — TheLocal.SE: Sweden’s News in English

Lars Vilks konstverk Nimis förstört i brand // Lars Vilks artwork Nimis destroyed in fire
24 November 2016 — SVT Nyheter

Nimis, Ladonia on fire

Nimis is in flames – fire suspected to be arson. Photo: Helene Bengtsson, SVT Nyheter

Un Français a documenté plein de pays qui n’existent pas // French documented a lot of countries that do not exist
11 September 2015 — Vice.France
** There is only a single photo in this collection, but it is still a mention **

Nimis förstärks av ministrar under Lars Vilks frånvaro // Nimis is reinforced by ministers Lars Vilks absence
9 September 2015 — SVT Nyheter Helsingborg

28 July 2015 —

Treffen der Mikronationen in Italien // Micronations Meeting in Italy
23 July 2015 —

Inside the weird world of the micronation
14 July 2015 — The Telegraph UK

Micronazioni, conferenza ad Alcatraz (quella in Umbria) per costituire la “mini Onu” // Micronations conference to Alcatraz (one in Umbria) to form the “mini UN”
4 July 2015 — Il Fatto Quotidiano Italy

Recognizing Palestine? Recognize Ladonia!
2 November 2014 — The Jewish Free Press

Ladonia: An Illegally Created Nation Where Creativity Rules
18 February 2014 —

Konstministern som hittade hem // Arts minister who found homes
13 January 2014 — Sydsvenskan

Sven raserade Vilks torn // Sven collapsed Vilks tower
13 December 2013 — Helsingborgs Dagblad

Fem olyckor på Nimis – på bara ett halvår // Five accidents on Nimis – in just six months
6 October 2013 — Helsingborgs Dagblad

Svantes Sommar Nimis // Svantes Summer – Nimis
3 July 2013 — Afton Bladet TV

Pojke föll från Nimis // Boy fell from Nimis
13 May 2013 — Sydsvenskan

Nimis har blivit minaret // Nimis has become minaret
16 October 2012 — Sydsvenskan

Vilks om böneutropen vid Nimis: “Bra inslag” // Vilks about the call to prayer at Nimis, “Good touches”
16 October 2012 —

Inte lätt riva det Lars Vilks byggt // Not easy to tear it Lars Vilks built
1 June 2012 — Sydsvenskan

ورچؤل اقوام کا اجلاس // Virtual Nations Meet
28 August 2008 — BBC Urdu

Vilks ser fram emot ett angrepp på Nimis // Vilks looks forward to attack on Nimis
16 September 2007 — Sydsvenskan

Nytt hopp för Nimis // New hope for Nimis
2 August 2005 — Sydsvenskan

Konstigast: Koka blågula flaggor // Strangest: Boil the blue and yellow flags
28 July 2007 — Sydsvenskan

Gammalt groll är glömt – nu marknadsförs Nimis // Old grudges are forgotten – now marketed Nimis
9 May 2005 — Sydvenskan

Ladonien forklarar krig // Ladonia declares war
22 April 2005 — Sydsvenskan

Olematon valtio poiki webissä viisumijonon // A non-existent state spawned a visa queue on the web
13 March 2002 — Ilta Sanomat Finland

Pakistanis’ ‘new life’ in imaginary country
11 March 2002 — BBC News South Asia

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