The Government of Ladonia

Although still an unrecognized state on the world stage, Ladonia has a constitution approved by the people, a continuously functioning government and regular elections. Learn about the structure of Ladonia’s government and its officials here.


Ladonia is a Royal Republic (or Remony) which is similar to a constitutional monarchy. The Government of Ladonia is lead by the Queen (Head of State) and the Prime Minister (Head of Government). Providing executive administration of the government’s duties and responsibilities is the Queen’s Council, and the legislative responsibilities are held by the Cabinet of Ministers. 

Until October 2021, executive power was split three ways between the Queen, the Cabinet (led by the Prime Minister) and the State Secretary (the State Secretary’s vote was the tie-breaker in the event of a disagreement between the Queen and the PM). Upon his death, the State Secretary’s executive powers and responsibilities were reallocated to the new “Queen’s Government” by a constitutional amendment approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. 

The position of the Queen is for life and succession is matrilineal. The Queen’s Government consists of five State departments (Art, Digital Defence, Finance, Foreign Affairs, and Home Affairs) and the council is led by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is also responsible for conducting Cabinet (legislative) meetings and represents the Cabinet of Ministers within the Queen’s Government.

The Cabinet of Ministers is responsible for proposing, debating, and voting on various acts and laws.

Type: Republican democracy under a constitutional monarch.
Independence: 1996.
Constitution: 1997.

Suffrage: All citizens.
Political subdivisions: Six county councils, four classes of citizenship: Nobilities, Common Citizens, Citizens of Honour, Spirituals.




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