Ladonia Cabinet Ministers and Ministries

Adrian Suarez (Argentina) Minister of Unnumbered Things (Ambassador of Argentina)

Unnumbered things should be regulated, and classified (without numbering).

Albarello Sergio (France) Minister of Francophonie

Alexander Kozirev (Alien in Latvija) Minister of Alien Citizens

Purposes and problems of new Ministry are defined as a searching the Alien Citizens in Ladonia and help by it in the self-determination of status of citizenship, as well as deprivation of possibility of civil ulcerating to the will of someone Aliens, in the most broad sense of therm.

Alexander Ten (Kazakhstan) Minister of Kazakhstan Affairs

Alexei Bushuev (Russia) Minister of Deeper Mysteries, Rainbow Magic and the Black Box

The Ministry of Magic is very important for Ladonia. Ladonia is virtual, so magic country itself. This means, what life in occultic world have a big influence on life of Ladonia and Ladonains.

A lot of white and black power surround Ladonia! White power can help to life, also black power disturb it. The main goal of Ministry of Magic is a found interaction with both types of power, in ideal result there will be got a help from white power and take off black power from Ladonia and Ladonians. As a viewable result of work of Ministry of Magic will be wealth and good life of Ladonia country and their citizens!

Alexej Sczimanowski (Russia) Minister of Folktales and Bestiaries of Ladonia.

We’ll collect Ladonia’s eposes and tales and release the books with the found materials (may be even for sale).

Anders Löwdin (Sweden) Minister of Internet

Dr Andras Palotas (Hungary) Minister of Intelligence

Andrea L. Bassini (Italy) Minister of Animals Especially Cows

A ministry about animals could be an important factor to let the world know that in Ladonia we do not have any cases of BSE, because our bulls and cows are very intelligent and they do not eat what we give them, but they live free everywhere in Ladonia, they are protected by laws, they produce milk when they want and I think we do not eat beef meat, except if they die because they are old.

This ministry will take care about animals (especially cows), will promote the development of a new breed (Ladonian red and white, pic enclosed, first cow of the world which swims with dolphins), will take care about health of citizens, ruling food and drugs laws, and it will open a pet shop in every street of the capitol.

Andrey Shipilov (Russia) Minister of Colonies

Betsy Thaggard, (Texas) Minister of Poke Sallet and Fulsome Absurdity

This ministry defends the Poke Sallet, a leafy green found throughout the southern US (including Ladonia’s sister city, Ladonia Texas) that symbolizes the respect and understanding Ladonia deserves: When treated correctly, it’s a delicious blessing; when handled with carelessness or ignorance, it’s poisonous and sometimes deadly. The ministry’s other charge, Fulsome Absurdity, speaks for itself.

Birgitta Rudenius (Sweden) Eternal Minister of All Winds

“All Winds” is the predecessor to free movement everywhere and encourages all types of boundless movement – forward, backward, upward, downward, inward, outward, beyond, within, around, pirouettes, minuets, jumps, leaps and pas de deux. All Winds demonstrates how space is gained and free movement defended.

BJ Mitchell (USA) Minister of Extraterrestrial Oceans

Brad Grissom (USA) Minister of Digression

The Ministry of Digression, or the MoDi (so as not to be confused with the MOD, Ministry of Defense). The Ministry of Digression will promote the departure from current subjects and topics at hand. This is an essential governmental responsibility that, I feel, Ladonia is lacking. By digressing and “going off on tangents” Ladonians will begin to more adeptly foster creativity and invention. There is so much more to learn on life’s journey than what can be found on a single path. Ladonians must diverge from the normal, step away from what is trendy, and break new ground with ingenious thought or at time complete and utter indifference to the conversations of the world!

The Ministry of Digression will help guide Ladonians to this end. I propose to found and manage this new and much needed governmental institution. I would also like to establish at this time the first offices within the MoDi (so as not to be confused with the MOD, Ministry of Defense). The first of these is the Office of Illogical Endeavor. This office is for the conception of all ideas, however small, insignificant, or unstable. The Office of Illogical Endeavor will be the front runner of innovation, imagination, and inspiration for even the most seemingly wasteful thought.

The second office that I believe should be established under the Ministry of Digression is the Office of Intoxication. The Office of Intoxication speaks for itself. What better way is there to digress from current subjects than to completely cloud the senses of rationality?

Brian Schulman (USA) Minister of Electronic Technology & Madagascar

Brigitta Janositz (Hungary) Minister of Navel Affairs and Mummification

C-J Charpentier (Sweden) Minister of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

The Ministry of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles is constantly running accepting the fact that adventure begins at the edge of the town, i e Ladonia. The ministry further controls all motorcycle-activities in Nimis itself and advocates the non helmet law within the realms of the remoni.

Carlos Andrés (Spain) Minister of the Dark Side, Ambassador of Spain

MINISTRY OF THE DARK SIDE: I take care of any kind of complain, spending my time indignant about whatever happens in the world. Please, ask for the Great Dark Side Parties… the only darkness is in the place where we finish them.

Carolina Cecilia Rovner (Argentina) Minister of Rock-Paper-Scissor Game

I think that the Rock-Paper-Scissors Game (RPSG) has got an incredible influence on the economy and the arts. Of course, I am thinking about making a Church, for the prayers, and to create the ¨Nacional Festival of RPSG¨. In that day, all the Ladonians will have to play, at least, five RPSG rounds.

Chris Mansell (Australia) Ministry of Procrastination

Christoph Hütt (Germany) Minister for DADA

Cihan Ergül (Turkey) Minister of Offence

My Ministry simply attempts to maintain the offensive activities in our country in a clear manner. Newly, if there is a need to be offensive in some area or a matter, this situation will not be operated in the name of defence or war against something, if there is a need to be offensive committed by the Cabinet, these operations honestly will be handled by The Ministry of Offence. On the other side, its also expected to work in association with The Ministry of Defence in some situations as well.

Dmitri Dezortsev (OKEAH) (Ukraina) Minister of Mental Computer Art

Edna Montes (Mexico) Minister of Psychology

Eduardo Zenaide (Brazil) Minister of Brazilian Romantic Literature and Washing Lines

Eilat Jelin (Argentina) Ministry of Unanswered Questions and Parapsychology

Elin Hoffström (Finland) Ministry of Finnish and Finish

Elio Campitelli (Argentina) Ministry of Headphones and Bad Jokes

Elis Holm (Sweden) Minister of Fireworks

As minister of Fireworks I will make sure that all missiles fall in the sea and not on our precious land. The safety of Ladonians and our buildings must also be guaranteed. Annual competitions in Fireworks will be organised.

Emanuel Bock (Toomas Mathiesen) (Sweden) Minister of Health

Fernando Gelbard (Argentina/USA) Minister of Surrealism

Lord Fredrik Fischer (Sweden) Minister of Time, Warder of Practical Humour

Fredrik Larsson (Sweden) Eternal Minister of Art and Jump

The Ministry of Art is and will always try to find new ways to encourage introduction of art in Ladonia. This might involve any type and practice of art and even such sublime things as artful or artistic ways of doing just about anything. There is no limits for the Ministry of Art. The Minister of Art will also do anything and all in his power to create and introduce art in and outside Ladonia by himself.

As a matter of fact, a great new art project is under way by the Minister of Art as we speak. The Minister of Art will in July start a Worldwide tour of “Hopart” (also known as Jump and/or hope-art).This might mean that the Ministry of Art will shortly apply for extended Ministry – “The Ministry of Art and Jump”. We will use the term “jump” instead of the term “Hop” thus to avoid confusion as to involvement in beer ingredients, which is not the case, we might add.

The 18th of July is the Day of Artful Jumps.

Fredrik Norrgen (Sweden) Minister of Silence

Georgios Foutsitzis (Greece) the ministry of Mini-sta ob Ed-yoo-kay-shun & Uneducation

[Retired] Gunnar Jarl (Sweden) Minister of Unschooling

Gurvan LeClec’H (France-USA) Minister of Impossible Travels

For the ministry, I keep the same interest in imagination, and more precisely in imaginary travel. Just let yourself go and you are gone. Nothing else than some concentration and you can go faster than the fastest plane, farther than the furthest object in the universe. With some more you can even go out of the universe (as a way of speaking).

As you can see, I have another interest for the ministry which are the impossible travel. Impossible as which cannot be done in reality and in imagination. The contradiction is simple to avoid. Just imagine where you could not be and voila, you are there even if it was initially impossible to be there. May be some government implication could allow all of our citizen to appreciate the same type of mind works… Of course I have also a rich taxe program to offer and discuss. Required imaginary travel, little jump in the past or the future, impossible position, I’ll with honor guide the noble and citizen of Ladonia into our world and non world. As I proposed we could begin with a simple travel to the hidden face of the moon one time a year for each citizen for at least 30 s. But that is really a detail.

Helder Conceicao (France) Minister for the Rights of Fishes

Henrik Lilja Rönnquist (Sweden) Minister for Dogs

Hunter Tammaro, (USA) Minister of Duct Tape and High Voltage

The Duct Tape Day is the 12th of August.

Igor Raikhman JR (Russia) Minister of Irrational Politics

Establishing and sustaining the contacts with the irrational-thinking people all around the world.
Why politics? Because I don’t know nothing more irrational than politics.

Jaidie Choi (S Korea) Minister of East Asian Affairs

Jakob Rubin (Denmark) Minister of Long Term Consequences

James Castleden (South Africa) Minister of Gravity

The Ministry of Gravity records Gravity strength throughout Ladonia. Should Gravity Fields unexpectantly weaken or become stronger, (making certain aspects of Ladonian every-day life difficult, dangerous, and sometimes impossible) it is the job of the Ministry of Gravity to provide the necessary safety systems such as nets, hooks, emergency balloons, large heated outdoor swimming pools and a fresh layer of those little pink and white marshmallows on hard surfaces such as roads and car parks, thus ensuring the least amount of injury and the continuation of normality.

The Ministry of Gravity will soon make use of the latest technology from a combined project by the Ladionan Ministry of Impossible Travel and NASA. The Gravity Probe B programme will use Hydrogen Density Filters (HYDEFs) to equalize Gravity throughout Ladonia to a constant strength, thereby ensuring Ladonian citizens the peace of mind of a “solid foothold.”

Further information on this groundbreaking research can be found at:

Please Note:

1. There is unavoidable higher gravity strength nearer the coast possibly due to the proximity of the down-to-earth North Zealanders (of Denmark), who are only half an hour South West by hot-air balloon. Research is currently underway regarding this phenomenon.

2. Scheduled shutdown of Gravity Regulation & Safety Systems will be carried out on the 15th May every year for maintenance and upgrading purposes.

[Retired] James Hartman (USA) Minister of Future Science

I believe ART forms Science, i.e. Future Science. If you look at Sci-Fi like Star Wars, or Star Trek, or even Ladonia as Nation model between cyberspace and the real physical world. All are forward looking Art today that often leads to a new Science or way of life in the Future. If a scientist is trained to see particles in life only then they find no connections. They will never have faith in God nor see life as particles & waves i.e. related events before or aft!!!

Future Science sees both like #12, ÿp, Name Connections, the field is endless.

James Morris (England) Minister of Vampire Affairs

As a Vampire myself (well, I have fangs at least), I feel sympathy for the poor guys, always having stakes put through their hearts, garlic thrown in their face, or being caught in a deluge of holy symbols. These things are quite annoying, and the Ministry hopes to protect Vampires in Ladonia by providing them with a Vampire Protection Program.

Jeremy Owen Turner (Canada) Minister of Avatar Affairs

João Kikuchi (Brazil) Minister of Postcards

Jo Cook (Canada) Minister of Alchemy and Folly

The Minister of Alchemy & Folly is important to the Ladonian cabinet because of the concept of the alchemical transformation of raw or gross materials into something of great value. The great value is not necessarily monetary value but more metaphysical value. All citizens are hopefully working at transformation in their lives at some level.

The Minister of Alchemy & Folly offers advice to citizens at the beginning or middle of their process thus encouraging the acquisitions of greater skills and more depth in the transformation process as well as assisting with advanced levels of folly activity in everyday life. The art of alchemy has long been misunderstood as an esoteric art but with the Ministry of Alchemy & Folly established in Ladonia the lost art of alchemy is available to every citizen. The practice of Folly in everyday life can assume growing importance with the skill level of the average Ladonian citizen in this essential art growing by leaps and bounds.

Joe Strahl (Skåne, Sweden [prev. Pennsylvania, USA])
Minister of Stones; Director-General of the Ladonian Geologic Survey

As Minister I will account for all the boulders, stones, rocks and pebbles in the realm including mapping their position, giving them names, and reviewing them in terms of qualities like: Warm, hard, friendly, good spot for a picnic, etc.

As Director-General of the Ladonian Geologic Survey one of my tasks is to administer the “Adopt-a-Rock” programme which should, at some point, begin to generate revenue for Ladonia. The Minister of Stones could also issue permits for the export of stones from Ladonia to Sweden and this could increase the revenue as well. While as an environmentalist I am concerned about consuming non-renewable resources, the number of rocks and stones in Ladonia is so great that exports in small amounts should not be too detrimental to the existing stocks, at least not in my lifetime.

Given that my frame of reference is geologic, I take a long term perspective with regard to the Ministry. Also, considering that stones are rather quiet, I take their lead and don’t have so much to say. Perhaps what I do say can then be considered rather weighty.

Besides the national anthem I have heard nothing else about other Ladonian musical pieces. And since battles with the Swedes are at times on the agenda, I suspected that there might be a need for a March that the Ladonian Army could find useful. I propose, as Minister of Stones, that a piece called “Two Pebbles in D Major” be composed and that essentially this be played by smacking two small stones together while marching up the steps of Nimis toward the southern border with Sweden. Not as moving as the baroque cello perhaps but given the local resources of Ladonia probably rather appropriate.

Jon Oner (USA) Ministry of Things Under Rocks (Understonology)

I intend to regulate and manage the things – both organic and inorganic – that happen to be under rocks.

Jona Pelovska (Canada/Bulgaria) Minister of Dreaming Affairs

My Ministry will ensure the oneiric rights and responsibilities of all Ladonian citizens by channeling their oneiric lives. It will encourage oneiric productivity toward an undreamed of fiscal growth. In response to the wakeful ranking system of nobility, it will institute an alternative ranking system that would elaborate on the status of Freeform Citizens tailored for humans and subsequently, for other configurations according to changing demography. The Freeform Citizen can change legal, fiscal and social status randomly and/or according to a number of specified and unspecified regulations to be drafted and elaborated in office.

The Ministry will offer a range of programmes for oneiric entrepreneurship, reconstruction and preservation thus contributing extensively to both the cultural and economic growth of the state. Finally, in terms of international affairs, I believe the Ministry can represent the first step toward shifting world domination away from the U.S. which titillates its citizens with propaganda about the American Dream, but has never taken constructive and concrete steps toward realizing that political promise. We shall be the first country to actually give our citizens a concrete structure to dis/organize their dreams and to turn them into a force that no military can catch or destroy.

Jorge Calderon (Spain) Minister of Security Publishes and Civil Protection

Joshua Kaye (England) Minister of Mysterious Parts as well as Undetermined and Undisclosed Contents

Jörgen Frithiof (Sweden) Minister of Offense

All states have enemies. The common human way of dealing with conflicts is with aggression, which seems, historically speaking, inevitable, and the common way of dealing with this aggression has been to interact with some kind of physical aggression, like going to war.

Personally, I think this should be beneath the level of Ladonia. Instead of Defence, we should use Offense. Our enemies should be verbally offended, not physically abused. Remember, a kill is over in a couple of second – an insult is forever. Therefore I see it as my duty and pleasure to candidate for the head post of the Ministry of Offense, to see to that we keep our enemies insulted! My name is Jörgen Frithiof, currently the Minister of the newly introduced Ministry of Offense.

The aim of the Ministry of Offense is to, in full co-operation with all other parties involved, work for the benefit of our glorious Ladonia. On our path we have forces working against us, and to protect us against these evil forces we will have to work on a strategy to defend ourselves, defensively and offensively. The Ministry of Offense does not believe in bloodshed. We should not hurt our foe physically. We should hurt there feelings instead. Why? It’s simple. If you kill someone he dies, if you insult him, he’ll have to live with it forever.

Therefore, we see it as our duty to cherish, guard and develop the Noble Art of Insulting within Ladonia, to protect us, and of course just for the fun of it.

The Day of Holy Offense is the 23d of January.

Kjell Mårtensson (Sweden) Minister of Social Affairs and Ecology

Krister Thelin (Sweden) Minister of Justice

Kristof Vannotten (Belgium) Minister of Shouts and Whispers

Lars Krabbe (Denmark) Minister of Hexotropic Liquids

Lars Vipsjö (Sweden) Minister of Hunting and Game Preservation

Lee Bacall (USA) Minister of Postal Services

Leif Eriksson (Sweden) Minister of Pictures

Len Rodman (USA) Minister of Existentialism

Existentialism is the title of the set of philosophical ideals that emphasizes the existence of the human being, the lack of meaning and purpose in life, and the solitude of human existence. Humans have no essence, no essential self, and are no more that what they are. They are simply what they have created and achieved for themself. Existentialism acquires its name from insisting that existence precedes essence.

Existentialist thinkers are of the view that the metaphysical explanation of existence as given by the traditional schools of philosophy fails to produce satisfactory results. They also maintain that the problem of being ought to take precedence in all philosophical inquiry. Existence is always particular, unique and individual. Existentialist are opposed to the view laws explaining human freedom and activity can be formulated.

Existentialism stresses the risk, the voidness of human reality and admits that the human being is thrown into the world, the world in which pain, frustration, sickness, contempt, malaise and death dominates.

Lennart Johansson (Sweden) Minister of Danceband

Lester Jochum (USA) Ministry of Native Americans Tribes in Arizona

Lisa Johnson (USA) Minister of Mythological Beasts

Mythological Beasts are important creatures who deserve representation in the Ladonian government. There is, after all, a beautiful green dragon on our nation’s flag, itself being green altogether. It is essential that dragons, elves, nymphs and sprites, (whether of stream or woodland), be represented by a human who takes their interests seriously.

I propose to introduce legislation to protect many groves, copses and littoral verges in Ladonia as favored habitats of these endangered and valued members of our nation. Where would one be, after all, without the help of local sprites or nymphs when one’s transport dies abruptly on a dark and lonely lane? I myself have been the recipient of the aid of The Invisible on numerous occasions. Such aid must be made available to all citizens of our nation. My duties as Minister will ensure such entities may continue their good agencies for our benefit and their own.

A word or two about dragons. Many of them are gentle enough beasts who need only understanding, regular feeding of poultry, scale raking and a great deal of mucking out. Happily, there are dwarves available, the mining business isn’t what it used to be. Said dwarves only need a bit of clean straw and a warm place now and then and they’re happy as…

It should therefore be patently obvious the my credentials are not only impeccable but nicely shiney. My vast experience with Mythological Creatures speaks for itself. I will both advocate and adjudicate on their behalf in a timely and inexpensive manner. If they or Parliament request, I will gladly present all sides of every matter to everyone and sit on a very uncomfortable stone while it all gets sorted out.

I remain, Lisa, wife to Pete, of email fame, yet free human in my own right, willing and able to negotiate another email address, and a humble servant of our nation of Ladonia.

Countess Madeleine (USA) Eternal Minister of Tennis and Figure Skating

Margareta Granvik (Sweden) Minister of Jazz

Maria Elena G. De Nakad (Mexico) Minister of the Rights of Ladonians

Ladonia is a peaceful land full of dreams and happiness. Maybe there are some less-lucky ladonians who needs support in their personal lifes, or just advice in many subjects about life.

The creation of a Minister that hears all Ladonians and help them in several ways. For example: The luckiest ladonians can pay taxes by helping the less-lucky ones one day every month. How can they help them? Maybe hearing problems and try to give them solution. Some of those problems could be hunger, broken family, inestability, etc. By being a day with that person and of course sharing our way of life with those unluckiest (sharing food, clothes, rides, etc) we can make a big difference and a mora democratic country focused in helping every ladonian to have a nice life, and having the right to know the way of life of the luckiest ones even for just one day every month.

It would be nice also to have a system to find and contact other ladonians by visiting and with a search machine where we can entry the ladonian citizen number or maybe ask to have a list of ladonians of any specific country. When the list appears we can find there a place to leave them a message or to contact them by email.

I have Comunication Sciences, so is very important for me to be well comunicated with everybody. The Ladonia Herald is a great way to be informed of important things in Ladonia, but what about a space for Ladonias to publicate their own thoughts or classifieds (not sells or buys) but messages for other ladonians or optimist thoughts?

I am 26 years old, but I think my age is not a problem to propose myself to a minister. Having ideas form all types of people and all over the world can make together a better place to visit…LADONIA should be known as the only place on earth where people is not fighting, and where there’s no place for wars or injustice. Let’s make Ladonia a bigger and happier country!!!

Marie Tilander (Sweden) Minister of Good Wine Drinking

I will work for “how” to drink a good wine and “to” drink a good wine. There is no occasion and no meal which a glass of wine can’t add splendour to. Good wine drinking has also an intensified influence on the mind and you can easily reach the dimension where you can solve most of the problems in the world. In this dimension you also can put yourself in a meditational state where you can feel good about yourself and everybody else and let your consciousness take you to a new and higher level in peace and harmony.

My two mottos are: “Life is to short for a bad wine” and “In vino veritas”.

Marten Visser (Netherlands) Ministery of Festivities (MOF)

In these sorrow and troublesome times we, as Ladonians, have to make a difference. There is much to many negativism, tears and anger going on in this world.

When there is reason to have a festivity, we of MOF, make this a true festivity. Even when there is no reason to have a festivy, the MOF organise a party because this world NEEDS a laugh, joy and happiness. (and because we just want to party…)

Lets Ladonian be a country where joy rules, not fear. We must live together on this tiny planet and when the big meteroid slams into our world, we truly can say: AT LEAST WE HAD A MOF!

Martin Schibli (Sweden) Minister of Curators, Semafores and Swiss Army Methods

Massimo Salomoni (Italy) Minister of Broken Hearts

Deals with one of the biggest powers of the world, Love…but not common love…Non Returned Love . To do so he needs to exchange info with the Minister of Unanswered Questions, then the Minister of Irrational Politics, then the Minister of Shouts and Whispers, then the Minister of Things Under Rocks (Understonology) and finally with the Minister of Good Wine Drinking.

Matt Clifton (England) Minister of Language

Matthew Allen Butler (USA) Ministry of Danger and Unexplained Phenomenon (MODUP)

Max Socol (USA) Minister of X-Treme

Mikael Hansen (Denmark) Minister of the Ecology of Highways

Miloslav Surgos (Slovakia) Minister of Coincidence and Destiny

Coincidence and Destiny are the two powers which are standing in contrariety but anyway, they have a strong influence on the lifes of all the people, Ladonians inclusive. The main task of the MoCD is to hold these two powers in balance to secure unspoiled development of Ladonia without some cruel jokes of Coincidence or rigidity caused by fatal waiting for the Destiny.

The Ministry has two Offices. Office of Coincidence and Office of Destiny. The Ministry uses two inevitable tools: the Dice for the first task and the Tarot cards for the second one.

Embassy of Remony Ladonia to Slovak republic

Embassy was set up in the Slovak capital Bratislava on the sovereign territory (75 sqm) of the remony. Its main task is to strengthen the position of Ladonia in Central Europe.

Måns Nihlén (Sweden) Minister of Pipe Smoking

Nacho Chiappe (Argentina) Minister of LAME (Little and Medium Enterprises)

Nada Pavlak (Australia) Minister of All Things that Virtually Doesn’t Exist

(ATTVDE) For all those who like a catchy acronym and aren’t sure how my Ministry’s acronym is pronounced think of the english word: “attitude” so you say it like you mean it!

You say it like you say the name of your favourite football team when its winning!

A-T-T-V-De! A-T-T-V-De! A-T-T-V-De! A-T-T-V-De!

And always with the exclamation point at the end!

A-T-T-V-De! A-T-T-V-De! A-T-T-V-De! A-T-T-V-De!

The mission of the Ministry for all things that virtually don’t exist (ATTVDE) is to give the citizens of Ladonia the warm inner glow that comes from a government agency which is regulating the irregularities that prove the indemonstrable through explaining indecipherable phenomena. In addition, we will redistribute the indivisible and dilute dilemmas by decrees described dictatorially as dross by the indirect.

The role of the Ministry for all things that virtually don’t exist (ATTVDE) is to: obviate the obvious; obvert the obtuse; obdurate the obscene and obstruct the obstinate through obsequious observance of monopoly megalomania.

The key tasks for the coming year for the Ministry for all things that virtually don’t exist (ATTVDE) is to: form a close bond with other TTVDEs through deeds of mutual recognition. The first of these being to direct all Ladonians to the website of the virtually independent principality of Hutt River Province at:; list all other TTVDEs found cyberatorially; create meaningless titles for discovered deritus, and extensive mythography of the land of Ladonia.

Greve Norbert Johnson (USA) Minister of Parallel Universe Tribal Service


Cecilia Parsberg, Minister of Endlessnissism

It has been a long process of research, both inner and outer, to find the title that can hold my mission. It started with “total-masculinity” and then went to “sight” and now in the end, I found that endlessnessism is the name of the state of being when being a Minister in a State.

I must admit that I didn’t invent the notion. The word was written on the door to a painter in Australia, it was seen by a friend of mine who went there to meet his father for the first time in his life. He told me this when he came back from his trip. This was many years ago. I gave it once to a record company as a label for a compilation-CD, not for a single song or a single music group, but for all music groups and songs together.

And this story might seem as a didada, but all of this is very important because the mission of the Minister of Endlessnessism is to connect dreams, events, notions, images, persons, situations, places and so forth. It is an endless chain.

Pascale Camus-Walter (France) Minister of Lost Time

Pavel Golubkov (Belorussia) Minister of Beer

I’m very fond of beer. As I know a lot of people all around the world are drinking beer and as I suppose in Ladonia too, so I see a necessity to create the Ministry of Brewery and Beer Absorbers in Ladonia. This Ministry will manage all deeds concerning brewery, beer drinking, and accompanied goods like peanuts, salted crabs and fish and other tasty stuff ))). U can contact me by this e-mail address or address [email protected].

Pedro Martinez Chico (Spain) Minister of Misinformation

Pascale Camus-Walter (France) Minister of Lost Time

Pedro Solano (Portugal) Minister of Oranges, Ambassador of Portugal

Per Cod (Norway) Minister of Yellow Snow, Ambassador of Bergen

Yellow Snow is a naturally occurring phenomenon seen more often in winter time, and in cold parts of the world, than in summer and in warm or temperate areas. Global warming and adequate indoor plumbing poses an ever increasing threat to this phenomenon, and it is our duty to preserve it for our children. I feel strongly that this can only be done if the proper resources are allocated and a well functioning bureaucracy is established in its name.

Peter Heim (Switzerland) Minister of Holidays

Lord Peter Kimay (Sweden) Minister of Subaquatic Territories

Peter Lundgren (Sweden) Minister of Evolution and Slow Change (Former Minister of Constant Revolution)

THE MINISTRY OF CONSTANT REVOLUTION (Sometimes referred to only as THE MINISTRY OF REVOLUTION, or the MofR) will randomly oppose of anything considered by the Ministry to be unrevolutionary. It reserves itself the right to take inconsequent and unfair decisions for the sake of the Revolution. The main goal is to KEEP THE WHEEL SPINNING! The M of R is also closely connected with the Revolutionary Workers Party of Ladonia, RWP(L), whose main goal is to make nobles sweat. (When it comes to the Constitution, we are neither for nor against, it lays in the arbitrary nature of the Ministry to break it, if that is considered necessary.) TEMPURA MUTANTUR!

Phil Halfhill (USA) Minister of Positive Ideas for The Nations of the World

Phil Stead (England) Minister of Transport

Ladonia is a virtual country and therefore transport is of necessity a virtual medium as well. The integrated transport policy will feature four levels: Local – mainly concerned with how far the elephants can walk before they get tired. European – mainly concerned with virtual flights of fancy – if you can imagine St Peter’s Square in Rome, then you are there already. Intercontinental – your wishes may take you to another continent, but you have to be very focussed. Extraterrestrial- you have to very gifted in the imagination area, but believe me “the sky’s the limit” – the motto of the ministry is “per cogitatio ad astra”.

Placito Miceli (USA) Minister of Assurance

Count Riccard (Sweden) Minister of Herpetology (President of Ladonian Football Unions)
As the minister of Herpetology I will look after the rights of the frogs, toads, lizards, salamanders and snakes in Ladonia: The common toad (bufo bufo), the common frog (rana temporaria), the moor frog (rana arvalis), the common lizard (lacerta vivipara), the blind-worm (anguis fragilis), the grass snake (natrix natrix), the viper (vipera berus), the crested newt (triturus cristatus) and the smooth newt (triturus vulgaris). As the minister of Nature I will look after the rights of the rest of the ladonian fauna and flora. As the minister of sports I will look after the national Ladonian sport interest and them who practise sport in Ladonia.

Richard Ahlquist (Sweden) Minister of Defence

Robert Tyrrell (England) Minister of Unfulfilled Potential

Robin Raygor (USA) Minister of Written Hope

Rodrigo de Albuquerque (Portugal) Minister of Portuguese Representation and Food Gathering

Rolf Johansson (Sweden) Minister of Sweet Dreams

I´m a computer-teacher in multimedia. Citizen of Ladonia since 1996. I´m also playing the electric guitar. I´m also very interested in spiritual things, like reincarnation and so on, and I think dreams are of great importance for all humans. Ín dreams there are no borders, and sweet dreams is a gift from the creator to us. And I think there must be a department for Sweet Dreams to fulfill every citizens life….

Rui de Sousa (Portugal) Minister of Future Hope

The first objective of this small ministry is quite simple in fact, this administrative division will try to handle and understand the hopes and dreams towards the future of all the Ladonians. When i say future, i am not talking about one life time, i am referring to the 100 – infinite range, i am also not talking about individual hopes and dreams, the purpose of this ministry is to try to find the position of the Ladonians about the universe, aliens, mankind, about divinities. The purpose of this ministry to try to find the truth of existence.

The second objective is much more “earthling”, if i may say so. In close collaboration with the internet ministry and all the other science and technology ministries, this division would try to create some kind of forums where the first point could be openly discussed. It is also one objective of this ministry to do some scientific research, namely – SETI, astronomy, theories about the universe, theories about man, etc.

The primary goal of this ministry is to try to find the answer for the existence of life; why there is life? where did it came from? This are the questions that have haunted me for all my short existence and these are questions that i want to share with you, it is my hope that we can find the answers, with that in hand i think it’s possible to move to the next question; Where are we going to? Has you all know, the future is not what it was, its with great amusement that i see the visions of future of the 50s or 60s and I can’t stop wondering if today we are not making exactly the same kind of previsions…

I, as minister of the future hope, took the liberty of creating a Ladonia team in the [email protected] project, i think that extraterrestrial search is one of the biggest and most honorable endeavors ever taken by Humans, in that line of thought, Ladonia must be in it. In my young hastiness, I created the team without asking the opinion of the cabinet, for that I apologize, it will not happen again. If the cabinet does not agree with the Ladonia SETI team i can disband it.

There is only one more thing, it has gotten to my atencion: MEG -motionless electromagnetic generator, the inventor claims that this device will be the answer to all energetic problems, i am a bit skeptical about this, apart of having some doubts about the viability of this machine, there is one thing the concerns me the most; the reverse reaction…

Salvatore Bruno (Ada Brun) (Italy) Minister of Real Spaghetti and Italian Food

“A handful of salt is just enough”

Satish Shama (India) Minister of Indian Interests and Java

Lord SigWhig (Sweden) Minister of Idleness

The Ministry of Idleness has a mission, although long forgotten. Our daily routines are centered on participation in Ladonian affairs by reducing input. We are committed to changing the standards by lowering our voices and thoughts. Basically we care for the standard of conduct by a process of ever lowering it and pushing the frontiers to new nadirs. Unbeknownst to ourselves we have spread words of caution to generations of listless Ladonian youths: Do less! Don’t move! Use your brains somewhere else!

Our staff will be available to all honest citizens on generous pub hours and the consultation fee is from one to upwards several beers. Bribes are encouraged and can simply be paid through the bartender at Chez le Screemin Bass, Wotan City, Ladonia, LAD. Positions available to uninterested slobs and bag-ladies, preferably with a genuine dyslexic mind. Absentmindedness is a merit. Procrastination is a lifestyle.

Be unaware! Stand firm, do less! And, again: ÿp!

Simonus Beasleyus (England) Ministry of Cheese

Stina Jarenskog (Sweden) Ministry of Animal and Mineral Rights and Lefts and Vegan Diet Including Whole Trees.
The Ministry will work for the right of all animals in Ladonia and protect them from any kind of abuse or discrimination. Since the animals are the only real inhabitants of Ladonia, they deserve to be treated with more respect. They should for example be offered equal political rights( if they want to) . Communication through telepathy is a excellent way for humans and animals to understand each other, and is the key to a peaceful and rewarding relationship between the species. To make the harmony complete, the ministry of animal rights and vegan diet, advocate a diet strictly based on vegetables and vegetarian products, such as tofu, beans, grain, fruit and seed. The vegan diet is not only important for the relationship with the animals but is also good for your health.

Svenborg Mellström (Sweden) Minister of Mail

Taru Salmenkari (Finland) Minister of Teddy Animal Reservoirs

Terry Brackstone, Count De Dornsaetum, (England) Minister of Apathetics

Terry Hayden (England) Minister of Time and Llamas

Time, I believe, is a novel concept that needs much investigation and research. We, As Ladonians have a much more sophisticated brain in looking at the concept of time, we understand the relationship between time and the humble Llama.

Time is currently divided into sections such as days or years, hours or seconds. I suggest this is irrelevant, time is an individual concept, each Ladonian having their own time to use however they wish. As we know Ladonian time is 3 minutes ahead, you therefore have 3 minutes extra in Ladonia.

We should use this extra time to think of the Llama, and to contemplate the time. Further I propose to make the Llama a protected animal in Ladonia.

Thomas Diestel (Sweden) Minister of Accommodation and Tourism

Tiit Mathiesen (Sweden) Minister of Brain

Tim Neale (England) Minister of Zen

Count Torby (Sweden) Minister of History

Walter Ehresman (USA) Minister of Dubious Anthems

Vassilis Roumeliotis (Greece) Minister of the River Ladon in Arcadia

Vera Porad Falk (Sweden) State Graphic, Minister of Extraordinary Affairs or Extraordinary Minister
Appointed by the President Fernando Rodrigues as he was installed. There is no ministry of the extraordinary. The Minister is extraordinary herself. State Graphic and Creator of the Ladonia State Weapon, the House of Nobility among other things. Very humble, very rude.

Wenche Blomberg, Widow Countess, (Norway) Minister of Madness and Euphoric travel
Someone has to take the responsibility for madness, deviance and expanded imagination of Ladonia and Ladonians. After all, this is the orginal source of our common universe. The general task of this ministry will be to bless madness and grant its various expressions a free haven. (Personal counselling will be limited, however.)

At your service, Ladonia. I slept with Napoleon in my younger days. The Day of Full Madness is the 21 of June, the Day of Half Madness is the 21 of December.

Will Bannon (England) Minister of Morality of Urban Music
I feel I could bring a balanced and informed view from the inside of this extremely age exclusive scene and present an objective view of it to all of Ladonia’s finest.

Xavier Gerard (Belgium) Minister of Chess with Cheese

Ximena Mariela Florido Soria (Bolivia) Minister of Cookies with Chocolate Sparks and Ambassador in La Paz
I believe that it is necessary to take care of the people who please to occur the luxury to be able to enjoy a good milk glass, cookies once in a while, together the beings whom she loves (the family, the mascots, the television set and good sofa, in a precious night of summer).

Zack Albun (USA) minister of Pan-Asian Cuisine and Irrigation, also leader of the Ladonia Tupperware party

WOW! This list is LONG!

As you may have noticed, Ladonia has a great many ministries and ministers, and many of them have “eccentric” names and missions. The reason for this is because we invite all of our citizens to participate in government in any way they choose. Some people choose to participate in “normal” or “traditional” ways, and some people choose to participate in less than traditional ways. Still others choose to not participate at all, and that is their right.

But doesn’t it get expensive to fund all of these ministries?
Good question. Actually, it does not get expensive to fund the ministries because very very few of the ministries ever ask for funding. If funding is requested, the minister/ministry must either crowd source the funding, or the entire Cabinet must agree to provide funds on a per project basis based on the total benefit to the people or the land. No government waste here!