Cabinet Ministers and Ministries

The Legislative Body of Ladonia

 The Queen’s Government


Leadership Name Based In
Prime Minister Jorgen Stenberg Malta
Secretary of Art and Culture Fredrik Larsson Sweden
Secretary of Digital Defence Luna Hopalot Sweden
Secretary of Finance Mari Rohrer USA
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Yvan Bertjens Belgium
Secretary of Home Affairs Erik White USA

The Cabinet of Ministers


Ministry Minister Based In 
Eternal Minister of All Winds Birgitta Rudenius Sweden
Eternal Minister of Chilies and Dubious Anthems Walter Ehresman USA
Eternal Minister of Tennis and Figure Skating Countess Madeleine USA
Minister for DADA Christoph Hütt Germany
Minister for Feasting, Boozing and All Other Forms of Culinary Enjoyment Carsten Henn Germany
Minister of Accessibility Álvaro José Brazil
Minister of Accommodations and Tourism Thomas Diestel Sweden
Minister of Agriculture Edward Nordén Sweden
Minister of Alchemy and Folly Jo Cook Canada
Minister of Alien Citizens Alexander Kozirev Latvia
Minister of All Things Brewed Annica Silvonen Sweden
Minister of All Things that Virtually Doesn’t Exist Nada Pavlak Australia
Minister of Amateurish Watercolors and Geographical Information Systems Curtis Moss USA
Minister of Animal and Mineral Rights and Lefts and Vegan Diet Including Whole Trees Stina Jarenskog Sweden
Minister of Animals, Especially Cows Andrea L. Bassini Italy
Minister of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Dr Siddharth Vaishnav New Zealand
Minister of Anime and Hetalian Affairs Cornelius Marpaung Indonesia
Minister of Assurance Placito Miceli USA
Minister of Astronomy Pierre Paquette Canada
Minister of Avatar Affairs Jeremy Owen Turner Canada
Minister of Beer Pavel Golubkov Belorussia
Minister of Black and White Photography Guiseppe Tarnero
Minister of Bows, Archery and Croquet Endre Toth Hungary
Minister of Brain Tiit Mathiesen Sweden
Minister of Brazilian Romantic Literature and Washing Lines Eduardo Zenaide Brazil
Minister of Broken Hearts Massimo Salomoni Italy
Minister of Cheese Simonus Beasleyus England
Minister of Chess with Cheese Xavier Gerard Belgium
Minister of Coincidence and Destiny Miloslav Surgos Slovakia
Minister of Colonies Andrey Shipilov Russia
Minister of Common Sense Knud-Erik Fredfeldt Denmark
Minister of Complaint and Non-Human Rights Luis Tolentino El Salvador
Minister of Cookies with Chocolate Sparks Ximena Mariela Florida Soria Bolivia
Minister of Curators, Semaphores and Swiss Army Methods Martin Schibli Sweden
Minister of Customisations and Gary Carolyn Shelby USA
Minister of Danceband Lennart Johansson Sweden
Minister of Danger and Unexplained Phenomenon Matthew Allen Butler USA
Minister of Deeper Mysteries, Rainbow Magic and the Black Box Alexei Bushuev Russia
Minister of Dogs Henrik Lilja Ronnquist Sweden
Minister of Doing Silly Things Nina Martins Hlavaty Norway
Minister of Dreaming Affairs Jona Pelovska Canada/Bulgaria
Minister of Dubious Anthems Walter Ehresman USA
Minister of Duct Tape and High Voltage Hunter Tammaro USA
Minister of East Asian Affairs Jaidie Choi South Korea
Minister of Ecology of Highways Mikael Hansen Denmark
Minister of Electronic Technology & Madagascar Brian Schulman USA
Minister of Endlessnissism Cecilia Parsberg Australia
Minister of Entertainment and Divination Arts Antonio Maria De Grandis Italy
Minister of Evolution and Slow Change Peter Lundgren Sweden
Minister of Existentialism Len Rodman USA
Minister of Extraordinary Affairs Vera Porad Falk Sweden
Minister of Extraterrestrial Oceans Brad Grisson USA
Minister of Falling Water Above Ladonia Before Touching The Ground Matthias Miro Austria
Minister of Fanaticism Chaan
Minister of Festivities Marten Visser Netherlands
Minister of Finnish and Finish Elin Hoffstrom Finland
Minister of Fireworks Elis Hom Sweden
Minister of Folktales and Bestiaries Alexej Sczimanowski Russia
Minister of Francophonie Albarello Sergio France
Minister of Freedom of Religion, Irreligion and Grappling Matthew D. Salzer USA
Minister of Future Hope Rui de Sousa Portugal
Minister of Gravity James Castleden South Africa
Minister of Headphones and Bad Jokes Elio Campitelli Argentina
Minister of Health Emanuel Bock (Toomas Mathiesen) Sweden
Minister of Herpetology Count Riccard Sweden
Minister of Hexotropic Liquids Lars Krabbe Denmark
Minister of History Count Torby Sweden
Minister of Holidays Peter Heim Switzerland
Minister of Hotwired Live Art Baron Pepe Platou Norway
Minister of Hunting and Game Preservation Lars Vipsjö Sweden
Minister of Idleness Lord SigWhig Sweden
Minister of Impossible Travels Gurvan LeClec’H France/USA
Minister of Improvisational Theater and Free Entry Frans Brood Germany
Minister of Indian Interests and Java Satish Shama India
Minister of Intelligence Dr. Andras Palotas Hungary
Minister of Irrational Politics Igor Raikhman, JR Russia
Minister of Justice Krister Thelin Sweden
Minister of Karaoke & Comedy Jörgen Stenberg Lapland/Malta
Minister of Kazakhstan Affairs Alexander Ten Kazakhstan
Minister of Landscape Architecture Maggie Leighly USA
Minister of Language Matt Clifton England
Minister of Little and Medium Enterprises (LAME) Nacho Chiappe Argentina
Minister of Long Term Consequences Jakob Rubin Denmark
Minister of Lost Time Pascale Camus-Walter France
Minister of Love and Sustainability Kenneth Kallin
Minister of Madness and Euphoric Travel Wenche Countess Blomberg Norway
Minister of Mail Svenborg Mellstrom Sweden
Minister of Mental Computer Art Dmitri Dezortsev Ukraine
Minister of Metallurgy Paulo de Queiroz Brazil
Minister of Mini-sta ob Ed-yoo-kay-shun & Uneducation Georgios Foutsitzis Greece
Minister of Misinformation Pedro Martinez Chico Spain/USA
Minister of Morality of Urban Music Will Bannon England
Minister of Moustaches Jackson Eldridge USA
Minister of Mysterious Parts and Undetermined and Undisclosed Contents Joshua Kaye England
Minister of Mythological Beasts Lisa Johnson USA
Minister of Native American Tribes in Arizona Lester Jochum USA
Minister of Navel Affairs and Mummification Brigitta Janositz Hungary
Minister of Nothing and Balloons Ville Niemioja Russia
Minister of Offence Cihan Ergül Turkey
Minister of Offense Jörgen Frithiof Sweden
Minister of Olympic Games Oleg Fedulov
Minister of Oranges Pedro Solano Portugal
Minister of Pan-Asian Cuisine and Irrigation Zack Albun USA
Minister of Parallel Universe Tribal Service Greve Norbert Johnson USA
Minister of Peace and Joy Matthew Johnson USA
Minister of Pictures Leif Eriksson Sweden
Minister of Pipe Smoking Måns Nihlén Sweden
Minister of Poetry and Chivalry Count Gero Miceli
Minister of Poke Sallet and Fulsome Absurdity Betsy Thaggard USA
Minister of Popular Music and all other Commercial Occult Conspiracies Menno Reyntjes Germany
Minister of Porn and Top-Shelf Hobbies Daniel Clegg
Minister of Portuguese Representation and Food Gathering Rodrigo de Albuquerque Portugal
Minister of Postal Services Lee Bacall USA
Minister of Postcards João Kikuchi Brazil
Minister of Postmodernism & Astrology Denis S. Gawrikow Russia
Minister of Powdered Donuts and Bricks E.J. Sachse USA
Minister of Procrastination Chris Mansell Australia
Minister of Psychology Edna Montes Mexico
Minister of Raccoons and 42 Peter C. Frandsen Denmark
Minister of Real Spaghetti and Italian Food Salvatore Bruno (Ada Brun) Italy
Minister of Rock-Paper-Scissors Games Carolina Cecilia Rovner Argentina
Minister of Security Publishes and Civil Protection Jorge Calderon Spain
Minister of Shouts and Whispers Kristof Vannotten Belgium
Minister of Silence Fredrik Norrgen Sweden
Minister of Social Affairs and Ecology Kjell Mårtensson Sweden
Minister of Stones Joe Strahl Sweden
Minister of Subaquatic Territories Lord Peter Kimay Sweden
Minister of Surrealism Fernando Gelbard Argentina/USA
Minister of Sweet Dreams Rolf Johansson Sweden
Minister of Teddy Animal Reservoirs Taru Salmenkari Finland
Minister of Telecommunications and Telepathy Timur Voronkov Siberia
Minister of the Dark Side Carlos Andreas Spain
Minister of the Netherworld and Etherexistance Kat Blackthorne Canada
Minister of the Rights of Fishes Helder Conceicao France
Minister of the Rights of Ladonians Maria Elena G. De Nakad Mexico
Minister of the River Ladon in Arcadia Vassilis Roumeliotis Greece
Minister of Thermonuclear Eye Protection Michael Elfström
Minister of Things Under Rocks Jon Oner USA
Minister of Time and Llamas Terry Hayden England
Minister of Time, Warder of Practical Humor Lord Fredrik Fischer Sweden
Minister of Tourism, Good Weather and Optimism Rusif Huseynov Azerbaijan
Minister of Transport Phil Stead England
Minister of Trees Jenny Wenhammar Sweden
Minister of Turtle Safety Christina Gallina USA
Minister of Unanswered Questions and Parapsychology Eilat Jelin Argentina
Minister of Under Standardization Hendrik Lönngren Germany
Minister of Underwater Relations Though Not Those Covered By The Ministry of Subaquatic Territories Pablo Linares Argentina
Minister of Undisclosable Purpose Manny Neira
Minister of Unfulfilled Potential Robert Tyrrell England
Minister of Unnumbered Things Adrian Suarez Argentina
Minister of Vampire Affairs James Morris England
Minister of Western Pacific and Mars Jack Angello Northern Mariana Islands
Minister of Written Hope Robin Raygor USA
Minister of X-Treme Max Socol USA
Minister of Yellow Snow Per Cod Norway
Minister of Zen Tim Neale England

WOW! This list is LONG!

As you may have noticed, Ladonia has a great many ministries and ministers, and many of them have “eccentric” names and missions. The reason for this is because we invite all of our citizens to participate in government in any way they choose. Some people choose to participate in “normal” or “traditional” ways, and some people choose to participate in less than traditional ways. Still others choose to not participate at all, and that is their right.

But doesn’t it get expensive to fund all of these ministries?
Good question. Actually, it does not get expensive to fund the ministries because very very few of the ministries ever ask for funding. If funding is requested, the minister/ministry must either crowd source the funding, or the entire Cabinet must agree to provide funds on a per project basis based on the total benefit to the people or the land. No government waste here!