Wotan City, Ladonia

Consulate General of Ladonia in Chicago

Consulate General of Ladonia
401 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
Twitter: Ladonia_Info
Email: [email protected]

Office hours by appointment only.

Ladonian Embassy São Paulo


Ladonian Embassy
Twitter: Ladonia_Embassy
Email: [email protected]

Consulate General of Ladonia in Milan

Ladonian Embassy in Moscow

Consulate General of Ladonia in St. Petersburg

Ladonian Embassy in Malta

Consulate General of Ladonia in Lapland

Consulate General of Ladonia in Karachi

Ambassador Tariq Sumatri
[email protected]

Ladonian Embassy in Argentina

Hours by Appointment Only
Nueva York 3042 (1419) Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Email: [email protected]

Ladonian Embassy in Bolivia

Ladonia Embassy in Chile

Consulate of Ladonia in Austria

Consulate of Ladonia in Alaska

Hours by Appointment
Michael Yarborough, Ambassador
Email: [email protected]

Ladonian Consulate General in Munich

Ambassador Peter Sommersgutter
Email: [email protected]
Hours: By Appointment
Mailing Address: Email (see above) to request


  • Adrian Suarez, Minister of Unnumbered Things  and Ambassador to Argentina



  • Ximena Mariela Florido Soria, Minister of Cookies with Chocolate Sparks and Ambassador to Bolivia in La Paz



    • Marco Silva, Ambassador to Chile



        • Antonio Maria De Grandis, Lord of Ladonia, Minister of Entertainment and Divination Arts, and Ambassador to Italy in Milano


        •  Jörgen Stenberg, Minister of Karaoke and Ambassador to Lapland and Malta


        • Jörgen Stenberg, Minister of Karaoke and Ambassador to Lapland and Malta



          • Pedro Solano, Minister of Oranges and Ambassador to Portugal


          • Alexander Nevzorov III, Ambassador in Moscow

          United States

          • Alaska –  Michael Yarborough, Ambassador at Large
          • California – Alan Bleiweiss, Duke of Isea-Haon, Ambassador at Large
          • California, Los Angeles – Therese Villeneuve, Consul
          • Oregon – David Kolb, Consul
          • Virginia – Jonathan Howell, Consul
          • Washington – Gerald Kroon, Consul
            Yvan Bertjens

            Yvan Bertjens

            Minister of Foreign Affairs

            The Ladonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates the activities of Ladonian diplomatic missions around the world.