Projects and Committees

Building a new nation is hard work. Here are some committees currently making Ladonia work and grow.

Nimis Maintenance

The Minister of Art and Jump is leading the charge on maintenance of Nimis and the other structures in Ladonia to ensure their stability and the safety of visitors to Ladonia.

Philately and Numismatics

A working committee has been commissioned by Her Majesty to design and issue commemorative postage stamps and new currency (paper, coins, and possibly crypto).

Orders and Honours

The Orders and Honours committee is creating new royal orders and medals of honour to be awarded to Ladonian citizens for various accomplishments and services to the nation.

Election 2022 Prep

The Ministry of Technology is responsible for preparing the voting systems and for ensuring a secure and fair election in 2022.

Ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe

The Ministry of Paraphernalia has created an online means of selling souvenirs and Ladonian items. You can buy Ladonian products here.