Ladonia. Micronation & Aspirant State


We are built on freedom of speech and expression. We believe art, creativity, and open discussion are necessary components of society.

What began as an effort to protect a sculpture is now, 25 years later,  a nation of more than 29,000 non-resident citizens who share a desire for a free society where art and expression are valued and encouraged.


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Art and Free Speech


Ladonia’s Purpose

Ladonia, the micronation, provides a national identity for people who believe in free speech and free expression. While we do not have strictly defined borders, our citizens bond and interact with each other on the Internet (and sometimes in person) in all parts of the world. We seek to challenge the validity and necessity of the traditional “nation-state” in this post-national era. 

Building a nation is hard work. Here are some committees currently making Ladonia grow.

Election 2024

The regularly scheduled, general election will be held in December 2024. Nominations will be finalized in late October/early November to allow for 4 full weeks of campaigning. The new legislative term begins January 1, 2025. 

Ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe

The Ministry of Paraphernalia has created an online means of selling souvenirs and Ladonian items. You can buy Ladonian products here.

Ennoblement of the Duke of Sikt
Big Map of Ladonia

More than 29,000
non-resident citizens

Our citizens choose Ladonia because they share a desire for freedom of thought and expression, a love of the arts, and a solid sense of humor.

Visited, but Uninhabited

Ladonia is situated on one square kilometer of land on the Kullaberg Peninsula in Southern Sweden. The path into Ladonia is 2.5km through the woods along a winding path to the sea (you can’t get here by car!) It is a bit of a trek, but the reward is the opportunity to explore Nimis, a 75 ton sculpture/labyrinth made of driftwood.

According to the Höganas Visitors Bureau, about 40,000 people visit Ladonia each year.

Big Map of Ladonia

"People love Ladonia because it is a system of government that they chose; it's not an accident of birth. We share a vision for the world that we want to build together."


– Carolyn, Queen of Ladonia