National Symbols and Currency

The Flag of Ladonia

Flag of Ladonia

Figure A. The official flag of Ladonia

The Ladonian Flag, also known as “the Glorious Green”, was standardised by Hendrik Lönngren in February of 2008.

The flag is a green field with a green cross. The background and the cross have the same colour, which is expressed in sRGB: 0, 144, 0 (#x009000). The flag is 13 by 21 units in height and length, the cross arms 3 units. Horizontal parts is 5 : 3 : 13, vertical 5 : 3 : 5. Only fibonaccital have been used. As is the nature of the Fibonacci numbers, the flag propotion 21:13 is near the Golden Ratio 1.618.

On physical flags, the stitching on the fabric makes the cross discernible. In 2D graphics or on flags that are screen printed (as opposed to sewn or embroidered), the cross can be very difficult to see, so it is acceptable to use a very light white outline around the cross (see Figure A).

National Anthems

There are two national anthems. One is composed by Greve Jan Lothe von Eriksen and is executed when a stone is thrown into the water. The other is composed by the Minister of Health and can be described as a tone poem on the development of Ladonian freedom.

National Language(s)

The Ladonian language consists of two words: “waaaall” and “ÿp”. The official language is phrased latin, but English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German and French are also accepted. A new citizen will choose a latin phrase (or a latin word) and thus be able to communicate with this.


The currency is the Örtug. 1 Örtug is around 1 Euro or 10 SEK (Swedish Krona).