Amendments I-IV of the Constitution of Ladonia

Amendments 1-4 Ratified by the Cabinet in 2012

The first four amendments to the Ladonian Constitution affirm the Remony’s committment to international cooperation, peace, human rights, judiciary fairness, and respect for sovereign equality.

Amendment I. Commitment to International Cooperation and Peace

In the spirit of the United Nations Charter, Ladonia hereby amends its constitution to include a commitment to international cooperation, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and the respect for human rights. This commitment shall guide the actions and policies of the Queen, the President, the Secretary of State, and all ministerial positions in domestic governance and in international relations.

Amendment II. Citizenship and Human Rights

The criteria for Ladonian citizenship shall be amended to ensure inclusivity and respect for human rights. All individuals, regardless of gender, race, or belief, who commit to upholding the values of Art, Freedom of Expression, and Ladonian principles, are eligible for citizenship.

Amendment III. Fair and Impartial Judiciary

The Ladonian judicial system, including the Supreme Court, shall operate on principles of fairness, impartiality, and respect for the rule of law. Arbitrary decisions without a basis in law or justice are prohibited.

Amendment IV. Respect for Sovereign Equality and Non-Intervention

Ladonia reaffirms its respect for the sovereign equality of all nations and commits to non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other states.