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  • Nimis

    Nimis (Latin for "too much") is a labyrinth made of 75 tons of driftwood and attracts around 40,000 visitors per year to Ladonia's shores.

  • Arx


    Arx is Latin for "fortress" and is a book made of stone. Each page is a stone. It is some distance from Nimis, but worth the trek.

Welcome to Ladonia

Coat of Arms of LadoniaIn 1980, construction began and Ladonia rose up and entered into a new form of time and space. After many years and legal battles to protect Nimis and Arx, the micronation of Ladonia proclaimed independence from Sweden on 2 June 1996.

Now with more than 17.000 citizens from 100+ countries around the world, Ladonia prospers and develops, creating its own way into boundless freedom.

About 40,000 people visit Ladonia each year*

Visitors to LadoniaLadonia is one square kilometer of land on the Kullaberg Peninsula in Southern Sweden. The path to Ladonia is about 2.5km through the woods along a winding path to the sea (you can’t get here by car!) It is quite a trek, but the reward is an opportunity to explore Nimis, a 75 ton sculpture/labyrinth made of driftwood.

* According to the Höganas Visitors Bureau