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  • Nimis (Latin for “too much”) is a labyrinth made of 75 tons of driftwood and attracts around 40,000 visitors per year to Ladonia’s shores.

Welcome to Ladonia

Coat of Arms of LadoniaIn 1980, Ladonia rose up and entered into a new form of time and space. After many years and legal battles to protect Nimis and Arx, the micronation of Ladonia proclaimed independence from Sweden on 2 June 1996.

Now with more than 17.000 citizens from 100+ countries around the world, Ladonia prospers and develops, creating its own way into boundless freedom.

About 40,000 people visit Ladonia each year*

Visitors to LadoniaLadonia is one square kilometer of land on the Kullaberg Peninsula in Southern Sweden. The path to Ladonia is about 2.5km through the woods along a winding path to the sea (you can’t get here by car!) It is quite a trek, but the reward is an opportunity to explore Nimis, a 75 ton sculpture/labyrinth made of driftwood.

* According to the Höganas Visitors Bureau