Nimis Maintenance

Visitors Per Year

Tons of Driftwood

Years Standing



The Problem

Nimis is a vast structure, but it is made of wood and situated on a beach, exposed to the elements and weather 365 days a year, so we must perform inspections and repairs on the structure on a regular basis. Normally, the maintenance is performed by the State Secretary, but he is currently unable to visit Nimis as often as he has previous 20 years.

The Solution

The Minister of Art, Fredrik Larsson, has formed a committee of volunteers to visit Nimis to inspect and perform repairs and maintenance as needed. There have been no reports of damage or instability, and all seems to be in good order.

Report an Issue

To report weather damage or anything you believe requires attention, please use this form to file a report. You can also tweet @Ladonia_Info or use the hashtag #Ladonia or #Ladonien