Information from Minister of Finance, Mike Arman:

Everyone will from now on be required to have a blood alcohol limit of 0,5 -0,8 promille before being allowed to drive any vehicle. If the driver had a required lower limit, the revenue possibilities are endless: “Sir, your blood alcohol level is at
illegally low levels to drive here in Ladonia. You are therefore required to buy a bottle of Grand Pinot de Ladonia and consume it here and now before resuming your journey. That will be 1,000 Oertugs, please, will that be cash or credit card?”

The same steps will be taken if the level is too high.

Since your Minister of Finance seems to have a genetic intolerance of alcohol and cannot drink without becoming deathly ill (really!), it will be necessary for the Ministry to purchase a limousine and retain a driver – the minister will never be able to meet the blood alcohol requirement and thus cannot obtain a Ladonian Driving License.

Anyway, since the Minister won’t be driving, the official car should probably be something elegant and reserved like an Audi A-8L, I think charcoal grey would be nice. With the Bang & Olufsen music system option also (only another $10,000), after all, we are talking about Mozart here. I may have to henceforth conduct the Ministry’s business from the parking lot since I won’t ever want to get out of the car, and parking it in the lobby of the Ministry will eventually stain the marble floors.

vinGrand pinot RET.jpg
When getting ready to drive, use Grand Pinot de Ladonia

The office of the Minister of Finance