Virgins and MBHB

Information about Virgins and Malebolge Black Hole Believers The cabinet discussed the supply of virgins. As Admiral Pedro said: “to seek for a virgin nowaday is becoming more and more difficult” Minister of Finance, Mike Arman commented on the subject:...

High Voltage

Remember, remember the 8th of February, when it is High Voltage Day. It will be celebrated with the leap of many good electrons, like this:

Underwater Nimis

A new experience As above, so below; this year a new main attraction will open in the water outside Ladonia, Mare Jenny. Big fishes, big pieces. Nimis Under Water, an experience to remember (Photo: James Hartman)

Immunity Act

Ladonia cabinet has decided on the Immunity Act and it has been singed by the president of Ladonia Kickie Hankell. Ladonian Green Diplomatic Immunity Act All Ladonian Ministers are Foreign Ministers and Diplomats that represent our Nation to the Nations where they...