The President and Vice President

The President is the official Head of Government and leader of the Cabinet of Ministers in Ladonia. The President is assisted by a Vice President. The President’s function is to oversee the governmental operations of the State and to propose, debate and vote on new legislation with the Cabinet of Ministers.

The next General Election will be in 2019. Because Ladonians live all around the world, voting is open for 30 days to ensure everyone has adequate time to cast their ballot. To vote, citizens must know their citizenship number (to ensure one vote per citizen).

Presidents and Vice Presidents are elected to 3 year terms via a triennial general election. The President is the candidate who wins the most votes, and the Vice President is the candidate who receives the second most votes. The President and Vice President generally do not run “on the same ticket” as in the United States. Candidates for elected office may be current Ministers in the Cabinet, but it is not a prerequisite for candidacy. Candidates also do not need to be peers (hold titles of nobility), however, they must be duly recorded citizens of Ladonia prior to announcing their candidacy. The only citizens prohibited from holding elected office are members of the Royal Family.

The Current President and Vice President:

President's Old Shoes

Current President of Ladonia

Interim-President The President’s Old Shoes

Position Vacant

The position of Vice President is currently vacant