The Queen Regnant

HM Queen Carolyn of Ladonia

The current monarch of Ladonia is Queen Carolyn, who was elected by the Cabinet of Ministers and proclaimed Queen on 2 June 2011, the Ladonian National Day.

Royal monogram of Queen Carolyn of Ladonia

Royal Monogram of Carolyn of Ladonia

The Queen resides in the USA with her husband, HRH Prince David, and their children, HRH The Crown PrincessHRH Prince John, and HRH Prince David Edward.

The Queen is the constitutional monarch and the Head of State in Ladonia, and undertakes constitutional and representational duties as defined by the Ladonian Constitution or as the need arises. Duties often include playing a part in internal State functions (i.e. Parliament must be opened, Orders in Council have to be approved, Acts of Parliament must be signed, and meetings with the President must be held) and also require The Queen to be the outward “face” of Ladonia to the rest of the world (i.e. receive foreign ambassadors and high commissioners, entertain visiting Heads of State, and make State visits overseas to other countries, in support of diplomatic and economic relations).